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The crackling sound of tadka the spiced aroma coming out of the kitchen has always stirred great love for food. My affair with food started at a very young age.Sitting on my mother’s kitchen slab I became her apprentice whose job was to put the things she passed on into the dish. So when did food became an obsession is hard to tell.

Good food is the ultimate ecstasy , just the sight can take me on a voyeuristic  voyage. It tantalizes all five senses you can always hear the crackle of the whole spices, the bubbles of a well done curry. Smell the distinct smell of the ingredients used. The sight of a well prepared and presented dish will struck the cords of hunger. The touch of a smooth fine curry will hasten the process of taste buds and send them into an overdrive. Finally when the food reaches your mouth and starts to dispel it’s taste you are send into a state of complete bliss .Where all that is left is just you and the dish in front  ready to be devoured by you  .

At times  just a picture of some dish makes me day dream about it all the time.  Not just  it is a way to a man’s heart it is the secret door to warm up your way to the heart in any relationship. As a young mother and a homemaker cooking has become a mental refuge.Where I can explore and discover myself in a new light everyday. Pleasing the palate of a 17 months old is a tough job as nutrition is utmost in a mother’s mind. This blog is a haven for food lovers who might not have any professional training like me but are adventurous. And never hesitate to experiment. Being an Indian women I have picked up these dishes from here & there and have given them a desi twist. One thing that I have learned over the years is recipe to good food is look , taste & instinct. Like a good cook always maintain color ,keep tasting your food & go by your instinct this way you’ll never go wrong.


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