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Dahi bhalla

If you are from Delhi then  for sure you are also in love with it’s street food  “The  chaat “. Every visit to the market is incomplete without having this street food. Am sure like me every one of us has  a famous chaat wala to choose from. I just loooooooooooooove gorging on Gol gappas , tikki , chaat papdi and dahi bhalla papdi. Dahi bhalla is my dad’s fav chaat whenever i go out i make sure to get some dahi bhalla packed for him. I even started making them at home.My relation ship with them started on a little hard note. Initially they were very hard and at times unbreakable but after years of love  trials & errors they relented. They now have finally softened towards me .This recipe below is the on i use which makes soft lip smacking dahi bhalla.


Urad dal dhuli ( without skin) 1 cup

Hing ( Asafodia ) 3 pinch

Salt according to taste


Ginger an inch

Green chilli 2 nos

Sodium bi carbonate 1/2 tsp

Oil  for frying

Curd 500  grms

Cream 1 cup

Milk 1/2 cup

Black salt 1 tsp

Chaat masala 1 1/2 tsp

Red chilli / salt  according to taste

Sonth  chutney according to taste

Soak the dal overnight. If in rush you can soak the urad dal for 3-4 hrs. Put the dal in the blender with chopped ginger ,hing , g.chilli , salt , soda -bi-carb & jeera.Blend it to a paste , the paste might be a little coarse .If need be just add a little water ( 1tbsp or 2). . Put the oil in the pan and heat it on a low flame. Make balls of the bhallas and deep fry them. take them out. In a mixing bowl add curd, cream , water with the spices. Give it a good whisk with the help of a blender. Arrange the bhallas in a serving bowl add the curd mixture over it . Put sonth chutnery in it. Sprinkle chaat masala , r chilli powder  and roasted then pounded garam masala. Serve it chilled.


1) Beat the paste with a  so that the bhallas are fluffy.

2) Heat the oil on low flame so that the bhallas fluff and are cooked well from inside.

3) Wet your hands before making the bhalla balls or you can also smear some oil on your hands.

4) Boil the fried bhallas in hot water and allow them to soak as much water as possible.



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