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Spicy chicken nuggets


Ok now this one is a new territory for me. I have never eaten chicken in my life so it is a little hard for me to cook something which I have never even tasted. As luck will have it I fell in love with a man who is a hard core non vegetarian. A man who loves to eat anything that can walk on 4 legs ;p ( not quite literally ,but close). It is always a battle for both of us when we go out to eat. If we order 2 starters and I have to finish then I am not left with any appetite for the main course. Now finally I have started to try my hand at cooking chicken. My husband has a habit of never complaining while eating as he doesn’t want to disrespect food.  Thankfully my sister came to visit me so I now know exactly how they tasted. My sister thinks they were so good that she thought that it was from a restaurant. This is a very simple to make recipe and hopefully tastes as good as my sister said (Hopefully sisterly love didn’t blind her judgement)

Chicken breast (boneless) – 10-12 pieces

Tomato ketchup- 2 tbsp

Corn flour –1 ½ tbsp

Garlic -2 cloves

Whole red chilli-3 nos ( According to taste the nos can be changed)

Vinegar -2 tsp

Oil – 3 tsp

Salt to taste

Bread crumbs- 1 cup

Black pepper- 1 tsp

Oil for frying


Mix oil & vinegar together and soak the red chilli & garlic for an hr. Blend it into a smooth paste ( it is okay if the mixture is a little coarse . Add the corn flour, tomato ketchup and salt and mix. Put the chicken pieces in the Marination mixing till the chicken is covered in the batter .Refrigerator let it marinate for 3-4 hrs .


Mix it together bread crumbs, black pepper& salt on a plate. Take out the chicken pieces from the fridge and roll them one by one on the bed of bread crumbs so that they are completely covered in them. Shallow fry them till golden brown. Serve them with garlic mayo sauce.

Tip: You can coat the nuggets in bread crumbs and refrigerate them before frying.

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