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A visit to the bakery is never complete till me & my younger brother try out our share of patties and paneer kulcha. Which always bring a decent amount of scolding from my mother. So freshly made  melt  in your mouth  paneer kulchas  help us digest the scolding.

Paneer 2 cups

Kulcha  4 nos

Onion small 1 nos

Tomato 1 nos

Green chilli 1 nos

Corriander  2 tbsp

Turmeric  ½ tsp

Salt  to taste

Jeera  ½  tsp


In a pan put 2 tsp oil put the jeera in it . When it splutters put the onion and fry. As the onion turns little brown in colour add tomato ,g chilli and turmeric. When the fat leaves the side add paneer and salt keep cooking on low fire for 3 min add coriander leaves cook for another 2 min.Take it off the flame and let it cool on room temperature

On a griddle toast the kulcha with a little oil or butter. I personally never prefer to butter the kulcha I like the lightness of this snack .When you can see specks of light brown colour on it put them aside. Spread the paneer mixture on one kulcha and cover with other. Press the two together .Cut through the centre  and serve with ketchup.

Tip – You can even add r. chilli powder and veggies of your choice before adding the paneer fry them a little.

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