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This recipe is a super find of my mother where she made these pizza’s from the leftover chapattis of last night in to scrumptious snack the next day. Wherein we never bothered to check how many of these chapattis we have tucked in.Now at 30 + i need to keep a check on what i eat as it is so easy to put on weight  but so difficult to get rid of it ;P Today I make them fresh for kids as this way we can cut down on white flour. At the same time the kids can have their favourite pizza.


Chapattis 2-3

Pizza sauce ½ cup ( I prefer the homemade one but you can use the bottled one available in the market)

Cheese ½ cup

Fresh cut vegetables 1 cup (Capsicum, red & yellow bell peppers, mushroom, corn) any of your choice.

Oil 1 tsp

Mixed herb (according to taste )

In a pan put the oil  & fry the veggies a little so they become a little soft. Take 1 chapatti spread a thin layer of the sauce then put a thin layer of cheese on it. Put your choice of veggies that  are fried. Sprinkle the herbs. In a griddle ( tava) or a skillet  put the prepared chapatti in it and cover it with a lid. Make sure that the flame is very slow as we need the chapatti crust to get crisp  .  When the sides have become brown & the cheese has melt take it off the flame. Cut into pieces &  serve with Tabasco sauce.


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